11 Ways to Improve your Landing Page Conversion Rates

We all want traffic, but the number of conversions is the metric we should care about. You can have all the traffic in the world, but if your conversion rate is low, you won’t see the sales that you expect. Improving your conversion rate is one of the greatest changes that you can make to your top line.

How to test your conversion rates

Without running tests and making constant changes, you can’t expect to improve your conversion rate. You need to be willing to make changes. To test anything, you need to act scientifically. The scientific method means coming up with a hypothesis, forming a test, tracking the results and coming to a conclusion. Without the scientific method, it’s impossible to know if the changes you made were positive or negative.

The easiest way to run tests is to use an A/B split method. The idea is that you host two pages simultaneously. Page A will be slightly different to page B, and any traffic to the pages will be split equally between them. This split testing allows you to see the result of traffic from a single source on two different pages. You could theoretically make various pages, however, it’s best to make individual changes so that you can track the difference and eventually optimize the page to perfection. For example; you might only change the color of a button on a single page. Then, you can see how the color change impacts conversion rates.

Tracking your results

You can run tests all day, but without proper tracking, you’ll have no data with which to work. You should be using Google Analytics to split test pages efficiently. This tool will allow you to track data and can be used to set up goals and track user activity.

Similarly, heat map and click tracking software can be used to see how people interact on your page. For example; you might find out that a lot of individuals click an image which doesn’t have a link. In this case, you might choose to insert a link that will increase your revenue.

Once you’ve got your results, you need to jump back into your high school statistics textbook and make sure that you’ve reached statistical significance. All this means is that you’ve had enough visitors that the data can be used to come to a conclusion.

11 methods for improving your conversion rate

1. Good copywriting

The first and arguably one of the most important factors is having good copywriting. No matter how beautiful the landing page is, if your content puts the reader to sleep they are unlikely to buy from you. Not only should your content be engaging, but it should also encourage the reader to buy your product or service.

2. Reduce the number of fields

A mistake new marketers often make is to try and gather as much information from their viewers as possible. They understand the data is useful to them, but they forget that it annoys people.

Readers don’t want to fill in a huge amount of fields. The reduction in fields is likely to increase your conversion rate.

3. Add testimonials

People like to know that others have bought the product and enjoyed it. This kind of social proofing reduces the risk that we take when buying anything.

Using a legitimate photo or video testimonial from past customers is an excellent way to make people more comfortable and ready to get out their credit cards.


4. Move the call to action

If your CTA button is right at the bottom of your page, then you might want to shift it up. People often leave the page halfway through or don’t want to read all the way down. Test out different positions for your call to actions and see what works best.

5. Use time pressure

Like it or not, time pressure is an excellent motivator. Adding a time pressure to people’s purchases is an excellent way to increase conversion rate. You can insert a countdown clock on your landing pages to encourage people to buy then and there.

6. Create exclusivity

Similarly to the idea of time pressure, you might put on your landing page that “only seven copies are left.”

Whether this is true or not is up to you, but exclusivity and the fear of missing out is a quick way to encourage people to purchase.

7. Try different colors on your action buttons

Small color changes are unlikely to double your conversion rate, but that might make a little difference that results in a significant increase in revenue.

8. Remove distractions

Don’t distract your readers. Take off your sidebar and floating header. Let the reader focus on your copywriting and the product without being distracted. You need to focus purely on selling the customer, don’t bother them with anything that doesn’t help you to achieve that goal.

9. Include photos of yourself

There’s something seedy about a sales page that doesn’t include pictures of the members of staff at the company. People want to know that there is a human behind the product and that if something goes wrong, they aren’t dealing with a faceless company.

10. Offer a money back guarantee

Providing a guarantee reduces the risk of making a purchase. The promise that you make could be a full refund for 30, 60 or even 90 days. This guarantee will encourage those who are worried about making the purchase to consider at least giving it a go. You should test these guarantees and see how it impacts conversion rate and how many people use the refund policy.

11. Use powerful action verbs

Using action verbs like “grab yours now” and “reserve your seat today” are powerful ways to encourage customers to purchase. People are surprisingly easy to influence and using action verbs can impact the person subconsciously and encourage them to click that appealing buy button.