Content Marketing in “Boring” Niches

More and more businesses each year are recognizing the power of content marketing. It has the potential to drive traffic directly to your website which can result in instant sales, it builds brand awareness, and it can also create backlinks that will impact your SEO. All in all, content marketing has plenty of huge benefits and can be done with a relatively small budget when compared to traditional advertising methods.

For any business that is looking to drive sales through their website and take their digital marketing seriously, content marketing must be at the center of your efforts. Unfortunately, content marketing isn’t easy, and it can sometimes be quite tricky in certain niches. While it’s relatively simplistic to market something like a health product, marketing in ‘boring’ niches can be far more difficult.

What are ‘Boring’ Niches?

When we talk about ‘boring’ niches, we are often referring to industries that have a small, often non-enthusiastic crowd, that are interested in a niche that wouldn’t apply to most people.

A good example of a ‘boring’ niche would be manufacturing industrial drill bits. While there are inevitably some people that would find this interesting, even those buying them aren’t particularly enthused by them. They are a utility product.

Why is it so Difficult in These Niches?

With such a lack of enthusiasm, it can be difficult to market directly to the people that are using them. While with most niches there are communities built up around them, ‘boring’ niches might have few or no defined online communities. Even if there are communities it can be difficult to create content that isn’t essentially; here’s our product, it’s great, buy it. That’s why you need to use a few tips and tricks to try and create content that is slightly out of the box. This will allow you to market to your audience in a non-traditional way.

Leaning on Other Industries

One of the biggest tips for those working in ‘boring’ industries is to lean slightly on related niches. For example; if you product drill bits then rather than marketing to drill enthusiasts, you might lean on the housing industry. We know that the large majority of people in America live in a house or an apartment, which means that they are likely to need to use a drill at some point.

But more importantly, this is a huge industry that you can create much more interesting content in. So, rather than creating content directly about your awesome drill bits all of the time, you might decide to create housing DIY articles that are somewhat related. These articles are likely to apply to the average person, allowing you to market them more easily on social media and in communities. Not only that, but this content is much more likely to be picked up by large websites or news outlets, giving you exposure.

In almost every ‘boring’ niche you’ll find opportunities to lean onto surrounding industries, finding crossover between them, this is where you want to focus your efforts.

Creating Guides

If in doubt, be helpful. You might think that it’s counter-intuitive to teach people to do something that you offer, but you must realize that some people will almost DIY, regardless of how great your service is.

For example; if you’re a gardener then you might create a bunch of content which teaches people how to cut grass, plant flowers or care for their roses. Of course, people could use this content to do it themselves, rather than to hire you, but those people were unlikely ever to be your customers. However, that content is very easy to market and can result in plenty of publicity and social media shares.

Tell a Story

Regardless of the sector that you work in, it’s likely that you have some stories that you could tell. These could be stories of the benefits of your work, the people that you interact with, or just a funny story that involves your business. This type of content is more relaxed and most people on social media and interacting in communities are not in a purchasing mood, they are looking for entertainment. These stories offer that and therefore can be a much better option for content marketing.

Keep it Visual

Although writing can be far easier for most businesses than creating images or video, it just doesn’t have the same impact. Images and videos get far more shares on social media and have the potential to go extremely viral.

In most cases, you should be able to create some awesome video content that can illustrate your company, the products you create and provide value to the person watching it.

Have a Laugh

Finally, don’t take yourself too seriously. Some of the best marketing campaigns are self-deprecating and relaxed. The Dollar Shave Club became an overnight sensation after creating comical video that introduced their company and the products they created.

Learn from what they did and how it turned a small company into a billion-dollar brand. Don’t take yourself too seriously, find comedy in your work. These videos are far easier to publicize and have the potential to go beyond your immediate industry, into the mainstream, where serious money can be made.