Facebook Videos are the Future of Advertising

Search Engine Optimization has become one of the fastest evolving factors for business success in the technology era. We live in a world that requires every company to have an internet presence if they expect to survive. Going without a website is holding your business back from possible growth, something no responsible business owner would do.

With the ever-changing field of SEO has come the release of Social Media. Up to a few years ago, Social Media had no place in search engine priorities, but recently Google has changed. Although they have a slight preference towards Google+, the designers behind search results on Google have stressed the importance of Social Media with their more recent updates.

All of this adds up to a higher importance on your company’s Social Media account and the desire to receive more traffic through websites like Facebook and Twitter. The likes, shares, and clicks your content receives directly reflect the success of your site and how it grows. It is no surprise then that creating valuable content on Social Media is important for your company.

How to Gain More Clicks on Social Media – Specifically Facebook

Facebook has been around since 2004 when Mark Zuckerberg (and a few friends) created the social media site for college students. Thirteen years of consistent growth has turned Facebook into the giant it is today. A smart place to start is with more education on how Facebook prioritizes what someone sees on their news feed.

Using Facebook advertising to connect with and reach out to new clients has never been easier. Don’t let this simplicity fool you into believing anyone can publish an ad and receive great results. Achieving a higher click through rate does not come as quickly as most marketing professionals would have you believe.

This task may be difficult, but there are a few guidelines you can follow to ensure your ad is created efficiently to reach more people.

Advertising Guidelines

  • Use colorful, eye-catching images.
  • Know your target market and only show the advertisement to those individuals (refine your reach).
  • Have a clear Call-to-Action.
  • Give them a reason to click (i.e. Free Shipping or No Tax).
  • Place a deadline on the ad (give them a reason to act now).
  • Add a video to your ad.

Facebook is on the trails of YouTube (as we will cover in the next section) which makes the sixth tip crucial to your advertising success. Algorithms within Facebook are weighted to favor any content with a video. Use this to your advantage when advertising!

For a complete selection of tips follow Connect.io for 30 Ways to Get More Facebook Ads Clicks Than You Ever Imagined or 5 Simple But Effective Ways to Increase Your Facebook Ads CTR by Digital Marketing Institute.

The Age of Videos

The importance of videos has grown over the past few years building up to the current revolution in 2017. With a powerhouse like YouTube around the corner, Facebook had to step up its game and enter the video sharing service. You probably notice a few years ago, out of nowhere, everyone started live streaming on Facebook.

Or maybe you noticed that your news feed used to consist of text posts and now it’s filled with images and more importantly, videos (even some videos that are the same image for a few seconds on a loop). The reason marketers are doing this is because Facebook modified its algorithm to favor videos.

If you want to see your ad reach higher in rankings and receive more clicks, turn it into a video. Facebook is on a direct competitive path with YouTube and is seeking to take over the field of live streaming and video viewing.

Victor Luckerson broke news on this topic back in 20104 with his article How Facebook Is Going to Battle with YouTube. Facebook knows that technology is pushing towards video and they are encouraging their users to head that direction with incentives in ad promotion.

Slide Show – Video Ads

A sub-component of the video ads, as we briefly spoke about are videos that only show one single image. An alternative to this is showing a series of pictures in a slideshow. Many advertisers use this method to tell a story through slides, and it has worked well for them.

This form of advertising aligns with the way Facebook is moving, and it cannot be recommended enough. Playing audio in the background is optional, and Wired.com says you should turn the volume off!

A/B Testing Your Advertising

There are a few different ads you can select to run with (the best are video ads) when starting your campaign. Regardless of the ad, you choose it is always smart to test each ad. Unless you are a marketing genius that turns out all-star ads every time (highly unlikely) you will want to check each ad for full optimization.

Properly testing each ad ensures you aren’t wasting precious time (and especially money) or losing out on revenue through new customers. In the marketing world, we are always seeking to increase our ROI (Return on Investment). This means that when we spend one dollar, we want to get as much out of it as possible.

The process of A/B testing advertisements is pushing your ROI to the maximum to achieve the best possible return for your money. An ideal ratio for advertising is to spend $1 and receive $5 back. An excellent rate is $10 for $1.

Any advertising rate that sits around $2 received for every $1 spent is considered a profit (barely) with the time invested and other fees you must pay for advertising. Testing and refining your ads will pull you out of the negative (if you’re unfortunate enough to start there) and bring you into an actual ROI.

A/B testing is the most crucial part of any advertising campaign because it ensures that your next campaign is even better. Better campaigns mean more profit which means your business can grow.