Google vs. Bing: Why is Google so big?

With a handheld digital device always within reach, it’s no surprise that search engines increase in popularity every year. While in the past, online search engines were purposed toward more formal research, they are now used for any casual inquiry or as a means to access other websites. While the fact that online searches are increasing in number may not surprise you, the actual number of average online searches conducted is staggering at an astounding 6,586,013,574 worldwide daily searches. With over 6 billion searches conducted a day, the search engine industry is not to be taken lightly. The word “google” has become almost synonymous with the word “search” at this point, which leads one to question the prominence Google has over other search engines. How much larger is Google than other leading search engines and how did it get this way? How should this effect your own online search habits? To understand Google’s command of the search engine industry, you need to consider a number of factors.

Study the numbers

Current statistics show that Google performs around 65% of all online searches globally while Bing is a distance second at 33%. Baidu (a popular search engine across Asia) and Yahoo control a large part of the remainder. While Bing and Baidu have a history of competing for the coveted second place, no search engine has come close to taking Google’s crown. Google claims over 4 billion searches completed daily and over 2 trillion per year, although the company has not released an exact number. Google’s dominance among search engines can be contributed to both their business policies and technological advances.

Competitive Site Directory

The accuracy of a search engine depends heavily upon the number of sites indexed. Google leads the pack with the most comprehensive site directory and an estimated one trillion internet sites in its achieves. The advantage of having more accessible information quickly translates to a much better possibility of finding the exact site needed in any search. Not only are you more likely to find that one perfect source, but without a doubt you will also find a large number of supplementary sources. Search engines with less sites indexed may not stand a chance against the accuracy of Google’s search results.

Esteemed Reputation

Google was one of the first reliable search engines and has been an industry leader in multiple other online applications as well. As a business in general, Google’s reputation is top notch. Google is not only incredibly convenient, but has built a reputation as the top company for consumers and employees alike. With a net worth of around $498 billion, Google has been viewed as a stable company with business-smart policies. The more a company is respected and trusted, the more likely consumers are to engage in its services.


Google uses a unique feature not seen on other sites: a way to evaluate site popularity. This application allows website managers to track the rises and falls in their site’s traffic, making Google a practical tool for anyone looking to improve site SEO in order to attract more visitors.

Ranking Policies

Google has been known to provide the most reliable site rankings out of all popular search engines. Google searches compile a list of sites ranked from most to least relevant to the user. It has developed ranking technology to more accurately judge the relevance of a site based not only on keywords, but on a large number of factors. These factors are called SEO, or search engine optimization. While other search engines use SEO as well, Google has been most vocal about which factors can improve a site’s rankings. While more and more website managers are using Google’s suggestions to improve their SEO, sites become designed toward Google’s SEO policies. As more people optimize their sites to be cohesive with Google’s policies, Google itself becomes more accurate.


Another reason Google remains a favorite over other search engines has nothing to do with the efficiency of its searches, yet with the other services offered. Google offers a reliable email service complete with linking calendars, cloud space, and more. Google has developed applications such as Google Finance, Google Ad Sense, Google+, and multiple others. While so many people turn to Google services daily, it becomes convenient to conduct online searches on the same site.

Using Another Search Engine

The speed and accuracy of search engines in general are improving on a daily basis. If you are more comfortable on a particular site, keep using that preferred site. Google has a history of the most accurate searches, but now relies heavily upon its esteemed reputation to maintain its dominance as the top search engine. In the last years, other sites such as Bing and Yahoo have improved to similar accuracy levels. Choosing a go-to search engine at this point is about personal preference and convenience.